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Advertising through Web Banners: How it Works – By Ted Dhanik

As folks peruse their favorite websites, or check out various pages on the web, sometimes advertisements appear in relation to the web page or information being sought. In essence, the (what did you mean to say here?) is the very nature of advertising with web banners.

A banner ad, or web banner as it’s also called, is a type of advertising most commonly used by websites or businesses working with the website through an ad server. Basically, it is a form of advertising which is embedded into a website. Usually, the advertising banner has something in common with the website it’s attached to, which is also useful in attracting traffic to the website that is linked with the banner. This type of advertisement is also called a click banner for the aforementioned reason. Click on it, and it takes you to a destination.

As for the web page itself, banner ads serve two functions. The main reason is to attract potential customers. However, most banner adds tend to rely on what’s called a payback system, which can be quite attractive to a content provider or owner of a web page. When an individual clicks on the banner add, the content provider is compensated by a small form of payment, which is usually about five to ten cents. While this may seem like a small amount, websites that attract large amounts of visitors can actually make a profit by these hits.

Banner ads are almost a self sustaining system and are one of the easiest ways to promote products on the web.


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