How to Bury Negative Content and Promote Positive Feedback

Article provided by Revdex.

This type of service has become more popular online and is even considered a vital industry these days. That’s because so much of our lives is conducted online. We stay in touch with family and friends using email. We do our grocery shopping online. We buy clothes and shoes at our favorite internet stores. Many people are even attending social events and church services online now.

Some of this is due to the pandemic but some of it is simply the evolution of our industrialized lifestyles. And it’s been happening over the last thirty years. Of course, the pandemic made us all realize just how easy it is to stay home and never go out to a store, bank, bar, church or coffee shop. Though these events are positive for online businesses, there are a few drawbacks.

Once we all get accustomed to shopping online, we begin to see how some stores give us a more upbeat shopping experience than others. Sometimes the online shopping experience can go awry and leave the consumer feeling jilted and angry. When this happens, the natural thought is simply to leave lots of negative feedback for the company that is responsible for your poor shopping experience.

This has happened now enough times that there are websites that specialize in removing poor feedback but do their services work? And how do they do it?

By using proprietary algorithms, a reputation management company can push negative reputation information out of the search results so that consumers no longer see it. They can successfully bury negative news articles, hateful comments, bad reviews and even embarrassing photographs. There are other ways to manage these types of events however.

Revdex is an online business directory that works similar to BBB or Complaints Board. If you’ve had issues with a cell service provider, a health product or a travel agent, you can file a complaint and let people know about your problem. Report shipping company issues and lots more.

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