Blavatnik: A Unique Billionaire

By Access Industries

Before Blavatnik was at Harvard, before Blavatnik was at Columbia, he was a man of modest means who worked a number of odd jobs. It’s probably from these beginnings that one of the wealthiest men in the modern world grew his work ethic into something that would allow him to amass so much wealth.

Much has been said about Blavatnik and his prowess in the world of business. Much has also been said about his impressive degrees at the world’s best schools.

Unfortunately, this makes it easy to overlook the fact that this billionaire has also done plenty to help millions of people all over the world. Whether it’s providing meals to people in Israel or providing scholarships to the gifted who could use extra help, Blavatnik is definitely invested in a better world.

The future of his company looks bright, though it’s anyone’s guess how high it will climb in terms of financial gains.

What you can definitely be sure of though—if the past is anything to go on—is that Blavatnik will continue helping people as he always has. The man’s track record speaks for itself. Of course, his company also helps millions of people too—those it employs and those it serves.

So when you think of Blavatnik, think of a new kind of billionaire.


Because of Blavatnik ,Cambridge is a better school. However, it’s just as easy to claim that the world is a better place because Blavatnik started Access Industries and all that it has done.


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