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How to Sell International Products in the U.S.

Written by USA2Me

Do you own a business outside of the U.S.? Do you want to reach the U.S. marketplace? While there are many marketing tactics designed to help companies reach their target audience, it’s nearly impossible to reach such a large demographic if you don’t have a presence in the U.S. One of the major obstacles for foreign companies that want to reach the U.S. marketplace is cost. U.S. residents are less likely to pay for high shipping costs when they can get the same product for a cheaper price in the states. This is why many foreign companies establish a presence in the U.S.

But how do you establish a presence in the states without investing a lot of time and money? If you don’t want to launch a retail store or warehouse in the U.S., there are still ways to establish your presence and gain the U.S. marketplace. Here’s how to sell international products in the U.S.

Establish a virtual office in the U.S. What is a virtual office? For companies that want to conduct business in the states but can’t justify paying for an actual space, a virtual office is the next best thing. A virtual office is a package deal that includes a USA address, phone number, and fax number. When clients search for your business, they will see that you have a location in the states even though you might not be present. A virtual office can also come with your own assistant.

Reap the benefits of a virtual office. There are many reasons to purchase a virtual office for your international business. A virtual office provides an address in the states, which means you can now ship products from your USA address to clients in the states. How? Through international mail forwarding services, another service you can sign up for when you purchase a virtual office. With an international mail forwarding service, your products get shipped from your location to the address in the states. Then, your products will be packages and shipped from your USA address to your clients in the U.S.

Get customized services. If you’re planning to get a virtual office, consider adding customized services to your package to further benefit your business. Some ideas for customized business services in the USA include a full or part-time USA assistant, a marketing associate, and direct mail advertising services. Or, go a step further and open a real location in the U.S.
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