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The Complicated World of City Planning

City planning is a huge undertaking. Cities develop as they grow, so planners must be very careful to work on projects that will help future growth, not hinder it. Concepts like how people move, where they will work or commute to, and what roads they’ll use to get there must be considered with years of advanced planning. Along the way things go wrong, leading to claims and wasted tax payer money.

City planning isn’t all doom and gloom, nor is it a money pit. In fact, civic construction projects can be a huge boon for local economies.


The first major hurdle city planning projects go through is allocation of funding. The local government has to apportion tax payer funds necessary to pay for the work done, and to fund any other residual effects. A good example would be environmental impact studies, where experts need to be called in to assess the impact of development.


All of these studies, plans and meetings tend to cause delays in the construction process altogether. Some of these delays are just part of the legislative process, but construction delay claims do arise when work isn’t done on time or up to spec.


Delays are just one of many problems that can cause disputes in a construction project. Injuries, problems receiving materials and disputes over invoices can all create significant delays in time. Wasted time means wasted tax payer money, which raises the stakes even higher. Construction mediation is often used to solve these disputes quickly, so work can continue unhindered.

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