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Top Reasons Why You Should Move to Richmond

Written by: The Steele Group Sotheby’s

Richmond, Virginia has a significant historical background, an emerging arts scene, and diverse wine tasting. Declared as one of the top places to visit in 2014 by Frommer’s Travel Guides, Richmond has become a top destination for visitors and residents alike.


With their luxurious and affordable housing options, consider these reasons why you should relocate to Richmond.

The Cost of Living

If you are considering Richmond as a permanent establishment for you and your family, you should know about the cost of living. Compared to the expensive costs of the East Coast, Richmond actually provides great value. Without a doubt reasonable in comparison to the national average, you can be sure that there are plenty of affordable housing options that your Virginia real estate agent can show you.

The Growing Art Scene

In Richmond there are a variety of fun activities that you and your family can partake in. Known for their modern and classical art, be sure to check out their art museums for a chance to experience a blast to the past. Plenty of exceptional talent has come through Richmond, local and international. From their sculptures to their paintings, you will understand why there is plenty of commotion about the art scene.

You can even ask your local realtor in Richmond Virginia to show you around to the best spots that locals have been going to for years. It’s all about immersing yourself in the heart of the culture.


The James River

The James River is one of the highlights of Richmond. Its natural beauty makes it a popular stopping place for the locals. Located along the shoreline, the James River Park stretches along 550 acres of gorgeous scenery.

Folk Festivals

Richmond tends to hold a large amount of festivals throughout the year. Their love for folk music transcends their creativity to new heights. Only in Richmond will you find Hawaiian hula dancing mixed with folk music. Be sure to check out the Dragon boat festival and the Diamond jazz festival for a great family outing.

Offering a rich and cultural heritage, Richmond has a lot to offer for potential residents. With housing costs in the affordable range and a solid job market, see why many people have been talking about their move to Virginia.
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