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Where to Buy Caribbean Vacation Homes for Sale

Written by: James Bovell

Summary: Seven Mile Beach offers excellent value for the savvy investor.

Grand Cayman homes occupy some of the most beautiful real estate in the world, with everything from luxury condos in a swanky downtown area, to secluded beach-side bungalows and singe-family homes. The Cayman Islands cater to families looking for a relaxed lifestyle that bends business and pleasure in the best possible ways. If you’re wondering where the hottest locations are to buy, these tips will help you.

Seven Mile Beach

The Seven Mile Beach stretch of Grand Cayman is full of luxury developments, offering some of the best amenities on the islands. Beach bars dot the landscape, but there are several diving spots too. It’s not just a touristy destination, the area also has shops and commerce too. That’s made it popular for real estate developers, who are selling condo units well.

The beach is also near Cayman’s capital of George Town, which has a thriving arts and down town scene. This area is best for people who want the luxury and lifestyle beachside living brings, with access to the city for those nights out on the town.

Seven Mile Beach is also not far from other developments, so it’s an excellent place to start your search. If you’re not satisfied with the area, you won’t need to look too far for the kind of seclusion that Grand Cayman property can offer.

Final Thoughts

Seven Mile Beach promises to remain one of the hottest areas on Grand Cayman for the coming years, and that means lots of new development. New investors can benefit from buying a luxury property with modern amenities that won’t carry too many upgrade costs into the future.

Bio: The Dream Finders team specializes in luxury real estate on Grand Cayman. Contact James Bovell for more information.

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