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Why Buy a Tankless Water Heater from Payless Water Heaters?

There are many positives when you buy a tankless water heater from Payless Water Heaters and have it installed in your home. Below are the top three reasons why you should consider upgrading.

1) Saves you money

Investing in an electric tankless water heater will pay itself back on your gas bill. An electric water heater only heats water as it is called for, thus saving the amount of water heated at once. A traditional gas tank water heater, on the other hand, heats a huge vat of water and waits to be used, so if it isn’t all used at once, then it loses its heat and has to be reheated- hence the high gas bill. In a lot of cities there is a rebate for up to $150.00 to switch to tankless heaters in an effort to go green and be more environmentally aware.

2) Continuous Hot Water

Because tankless water heaters heat as they go, there is no danger of running out of hot water. Unlike classic water heaters, which fills a whole tank of water and then waits to be used, this type of heater simply heats the water as it is called for. So it might not come out piping hot immediately, but it sure will stay that way for as long as you need it!

3) Supports the Environment

This type of heater runs on electricity and is only used when needed. It reduces the carbon footprint in our atmosphere by removing approximately 2,100 pounds of carbon per tankless
water heater installed, and saves energy by only heating the water that is called for use once, instead of twice, as water tanks do.

Those are only three of many reasons why a tankless water heater is better for your home than a original water heater. Find a technician and give them a call- they can answer any questions you might have have about getting one installed today!

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