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    The Activist Investor Explained

    Lately, the term “activist investor” has become a prominent part of the public lexicon. It’s a useful way of categorizing a particular type of person who, beyond investing for retirement purposes, invests with a strategy intent on changing the world. Activist investors are motivated by all sorts of desires for the future, and anyone who chooses to invest can take an activist approach to their holdings. Here, we look at the term a little closer to try and pin down how an activist investor does what he or she does. What is the Activist Investor? The goal of an activist investor is someone, or a group or company, that approaches…

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    Len Blavatniks continues his Philanthropy in 2016

    Written by Access Industries Len Blavatnik is an American billionaire whose holdings cover the range from media, telecoms to chemicals and natural resources. He is the founder and chairman of Access Industries, his holdings company through which he runs his business empire. No Blavatnik news would be complete without the mention of this two most famous acquisitions. The first is the legendary stake in LyondellBasell Industries, which is one of the largest independent chemical companies. The second is Warner Music Group which has one of the best catalogs in the music industry and is poised to gain the most of the move to streaming music. He is also an active…