Dr. Eric Amidi Explains Beginner’s Luck

Written by Heather Richards

You’ve probably either heard of or experienced beginner’s luck, the odd thing that happens when a novice performs better at something than a person with more experience. For example, a rookie baseball player who hits a homerun in their first major league at bat. It’s hard to attribute that type of success to anything but beginner’s luck. But is beginner’s luck even real? That’s the question that Dr. Eric Amidi aims to answer in his blog post appropriately titled “Is Beginner’s Luck Real?”

Author of the ebook “The Secret Behind the Secret,” Dr. Eric Amidi is a quantum physicist who often writes about the Law of Attraction. In this interesting blog post, the scientist says that Beginner’s luck is very real indeed. What’s more, he provides easy steps on how to recreate it in your life.



According to Dr. Eric Amidi, the beginner’s luck phenomenon occurs for two reasons: 1) beginners have nothing to lose, so they’re not afraid of losing. Apparently the pressure or requirement of having to win could block someone from getting what they want. 2) The second reason beginner’s luck works is that most beginners are open to possibilities. In other words, they haven’t yet experienced failure and as a result they’re open to whatever life wants to bring their way. Dr. Eric Amidi then goes on to suggest two ways to have beginner’s luck all the time. Read his blog post to discover how you can “be lucky all the time.”

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