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The costs of relocating

Written by The Steele Group Sotheby’s International Realty

Each year, about 16 million families in the USA decide to move. This decision is most commonly triggered by factors such as family ties, a new job or an opportunity at a better lifestyle. There are several costs that you might consider evaluating before you think about making the move to a new location. The list below might help you to identify them.

Cost of Lifestyle

In order to assess the cost of lifestyle, you might want indicators such as grocery deals, car ads and even vacancy ads. You can also research on the internet and converse with people from the town to get an idea. Another thing that you might do is to get in touch with a real estate agent. You can also ask people that you know about the lifestyle of the new location.

Housing Cost

This is not just about the cost of buying a house but it is also about how you would be able to maintain the lifestyle that you used to have. For instance, check the price of cable TV, internet service and the costs of utilities. You could also check whether there are any hidden homeowner cost such as trash collection, community service or recreation fees.


High-taxes could be an indication of a high quality life such as good schools, swimming pools and services. Therefore you might not want to discard high-tax environments from the very beginning.

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