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Dispute and mediation services for the construction industry

Written by Lyle Charles

The construction industry can be a very difficult place to become a successful businessman. Other than the problems of labor, weather, as well as suppliers, you may even encounter clients that are terrible to deal with. It could be late payments, a default in payment, or any other breach of contract that may turn a deal sour and put all your effort and money to waste. To protect yourself from loss and from deals like this, you need to engage in dispute resolution and mediation services to hammer out a settlement and solve any problems that you might have. Construction advisory services are always helpful in this area of the construction industry, and that’s primarily because these guys will help you protect your interests from the drafting of your contract or memorandum of agreement till the very end of the project. So you will be able to bind your client into entering dispute resolution as well as mediation services, you need to stipulate this in your contract in clear and express terms so that there would be no doubt as to the rights of the parties. It’s always good to put it down on paper rather than just assume and rely on the fact that laws are always deemed written into every contract. Other than that, stipulating your own terms and conditions will allow you to establish a more favorable condition on your part than what the law would provide. Remember to always stipulate a dispute resolution or mediation clause in your contract.

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