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How to Decide Whether You Need Real-Time Credit Card Authorization for Your Site

When determining whether or not you need real time credit card authorization there are a few factors to consider before making your final decision.  For retail store that will have inventory leave the store immediately it’s only obvious that they need the real time authorization but it may be possible that you do not need to be authorized immediately depending on the type of business that you are running.

You should always look at the different options available to process and accept credit cards. Since there are different ways to accept credit cards you should look at what different companies have to offer and choose one that offers a reliable but affordable option available.

You should always use only reputable companies such as or other related companies. This will help to quickly process your credit card payments at a rate that you can afford. When using Solidtrustpay you may find that it’s more affordable and economical to use batch processing which will allow you to process the payments at the end of the day and then canceling any orders that may not be authorized. Using a company such as Solid trust pay will help to keep your business streamlined and keeping your customers satisfied with stable credit card processing options. However, you will need to decide whether or not instant credit card authorization will be something that you need or if it’s something that you prefer to do down the road when creating your payment structure.

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