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Is Virginia Good for Small Businesses?

By Relocate to Richmond

Everyone knows the economy hasn’t been especially friendly these last six or seven years. And no one knows this better than small businesses in this country. The unfortunate truth is that when the recession hit, huge international corporations got bailed out. But the smaller companies? They were left to either fail or work harder.

But many people still love the idea of running their own small business. This is why so many of them look for homes in Richmond, VA. While a Richmond realtor is great for finding the right house or townhome, the state itself is filled with small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs of every stripe.

Much of this is due to the thriving technology industry out here.

Virginia’s location relative to Washington DC means that many startups and small businesses get off the ground with an aim for serving the government. As such, there are a number of venture capitalists that keep their finger on the pulse of what’s happening with these businesses, eager to make an investment.

All the universities and colleges in and around Virginia prove fertile for small businesses too. You’ll have no problem finding an intern or hiring a talented new graduate fresh out of school.

With so many options before you, Virginia is an easy place to pick for those looking to start or continue to run a small business.


Whether you’re looking for houses in Richmond, VA or elsewhere throughout the state, you’ll need a Virginia real estate agent from an experienced source. The qualified realtor Richmond, VA is waiting for you at Relocate to Richmond.

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