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Reasons Construction Firms Should Accept Mobile Payments

Owning a business in the construction industry means that much of your work life is spent on the road. Being on-site is critical for the success of your business but being away from your desk can also make it difficult to do credit card online processing. In order to take control of your billing situation and streamline the payment process, you need to be able to handle mobile credit card processing.

Not convinced yet? Here are a few reasons why you need to accept mobile payments if you are in the construction industry:

Never Worry About Bounced Checks: Nothing is more frustrating than entering into an agreement with a client only to find out later that there are problems with the payment. If you can accept credit cards on-site, you can know that the payment has gone through and you can immediately start work.

It Makes Record Keeping Easier: Once you accept a mobile payment, you have an immediate record of the job and the payment that was made. In some cases, you can send or text a copy of the receipt to the client so they automatically know that it’s been received.

It’s Easy to Do: You don’t need special equipment to able to accept mobile credit card payments. All you need is a smartphone and a wireless processing solution from your merchant provider. As long as you can get Internet coverage at your job site, you can accept online payments.

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