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Slatwall to Mannequins: Ways to Display Your Product

There are many different ways to choose how to display your particular product. First, it depends on your product and your choice of branding. But still, even within those guidelines, there are lots of options of how to present your goods to the public. This could be from showing it off inside an acrylic display, to presenting the product inside a glass display case. There are many varieties, and most can be tweaked and used for a lot of things. I am going to go over three of the most popular methods used to display various items.

Acrylic Displays

These are used in place of glass displays for various reasons. First, these are much less likely to break, and half the weight as glass. They are easy to clean and they don’t stain over time, as glass tends to. Acrylic cases are very heavy duty and can be used for many different things, while presenting them all in a presentable looking display case. Also, acrylic cases tend to be much cheaper than glass cases. The biggest downfall to acrylic displays is that these cases do not say the same thing about the product as a glass case does. For example, if there is a Tiffany necklace being shown, it will be shown in a glass box- the display case must match the product inside.


Mannequins are used for man display purposes, from clothing to jewelry to shoes. There are different types of mannequins to pick based on your showcased item. There are various forms, used either for holding a jacket in place, or showing off a shirt or blazer. This type is only the chest of a mannequin, with no arms, neck or head, and nothing below the waist. Another type of models to use could be head displays, full round mannequins, or regular mannequins. Each of these are used to model different types of clothes or bodywear, from hats to shoes to necklaces.


This is a very popular form of displaying because of the versatility of it. This wall is composed of different panels set a certain distance from each other, with hooks that slide between the panels to hold up a variety of items. This could include acrylic bowls, bookracks, clothing racks, or shelving, just to name a few. Easy to keep with a small amount of space required, this is easily one of the more popular ways of displaying items for customers to browse and look at around the store.


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