The Facts about Dryfast Foam and its Uses

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If you’re looking for the ideal outdoor foam replacement, you should look for foam cushions that have wide open cells. The open cells let water pass through the foam, which helps avoid a lot more than just a soppy cushion. Mildew and mold won’t grow on dry foam, as long as it’s not left in a puddle. You can order this special kind of foam online, custom-cut to fit any piece of furniture you need.


You can order dryfast up to 6 inches in thickness, which is plenty thick for a chair or swing cushion. The extra air flow also helps keep the foam from feeling too warm, which makes it perfect for summer days lounging on the patio. Of course, you should get a cover to protect from the sun. With proper care, however, your foam can last for up to 8 years.


Natural materials are all the rage, but foam is manmade. Fortunately, there is no evidence that foam has triggered respiratory problems. Anything left outside is fairly susceptible to organisms growing on it. A combination of moisture and heat is the perfect environment for bacterial growth. The anti-microbial formula also makes dry fast foam ideal as bedding for those with concerns that involve respiratory healthy.

Final Thoughts

The same kind of foam used in marine foam cushions is available for use in the home, and it’s surprisingly comfortable for sitting. Dry fast foam cushions not only dry out easily, they support your back too.

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