The Real Fury Road: When Big Rig Seats Need an Update

Summary: Improving seats for truckers who do endurance hauling.

For truckers, it can seem almost laughable when office workers complain about their seating. After all, they don’t have to consider the challenges that come with endurance hauling. However, much like office workers, truckers can benefit from many innovations and improvements to seating. From new cushions to reupholstering, updating your driver’s seat can improve your health and happiness.

The Rigors of the Long Haul

Endurance driving puts significant strain on the body and mind. Driver’s seats are suited to 4-5 hour drives at most, but truckers are often on the road for 8+ hours. Shock absorption, weight distribution, and posture are constant concerns. If you are experiencing pain, fatigue, or poor circulation, you may want to consider refurbishing or supplementing your padding.

Pain and Fatigue

Some supplementary seat cushions contour themselves so your weight is supported on your thighs and gluteal muscles, rather than your tailbone. This helps alleviate low- to medium-grade chronic pain that quietly drains your ability to focus. Your doctor may recommend a slanted seat cushion to help endure shocks and bumps without twisting or compressing your spine.

Health and Safety

Moisture is another silent danger, especially in hot climates. Sweat irritates the skin within minutes, let alone hours, leading to calluses and contact sores. These effects can be compounded by torn or cut seats with exposed foam, which may contain allergens and bacteria. Consider refurbishing your seats with dryfast foam, sometimes found in outdoor furniture cushions. Patch or reupholster damaged seats as soon as possible, especially if you are diabetic or have other health conditions.

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