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This Trick is Consistently Effective at Holding User Engagement

Users want content. It’s not necessarily good to be the gatekeeper of content, which various media outlets are learning, but it can be beneficial to be an interstitial. Users are willing to sit through shorter ads if it means that the content they want is just a few seconds away. This is why free services like YouTube or Hulu are able to thrive.

One rising trend among advertisers is the usage of pre-roll ads on videos, which capture user attention just long enough for messaging to be effective.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos primarily help push a customer towards conversion. These videos help set the stage for what to expect. They present a common problem the product solves, and then go through the various solutions presented. Consider that decision makers often report that watching a video aids them in their decisions. Viewers also tend to understand what a product does more after having watched a product explainer video, than they may have after reading the copy on a landing page.

Product Demos

Showing the product in action gives consumers a clear picture of how the product could affect their lives. That’s why infomercials show a product like Orange Glo cleaning surfaces as the name of the surface is read. It’s a powerful association tool. It’s also more effective to show than to tell.

Final Thoughts

Video ads don’t have to tell a story the way a Super Bowl commercial does. They just need to have a point, and get to that point quickly.
Ted Dhanik is the CEO of engage:BDR, a digital marketing platform based out of the Los Angeles area. Ted Dhanik understands the technology that drives advertising on the Web, and he is passionate about digital media. Ted Dhanik and the engage:BDR team are ready to help you expand your business through highly targeted campaigns.

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