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Understanding building codes

Understanding building codes will help to establish structure and help a project stay in line with the standards in the construction industry. In the United States, building codes are constantly updated and therefore it is advisable to be aware of building codes before and while a project is in progress. The U.S. currently follows the International Building Code (IBC), which was developed and published by the International Code Council (ICC).

Often building code changes are due to technology, catastrophic events, or new knowledge and experience. Most codes at present are looking at eco-friendly methods to combat pollution and climate change. Previous changes included safety standards due to hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, or earthquakes.

It is also important to understand how codes are enforced. For example, some states will be more concerned with certain violations than others. Codes will also differ in their importance when considering suburban sites versus city areas.

Building standards and codes are focused on protecting the public and improving the quality of life. Lyle Charles Consulting suggests keeping up with the codes by speaking to local building officials, and by keeping communication channels open. Staying abreast of building code changes will also help with reducing construction delay claims that can increase the cost of a project and cause an ineffective use of resources.

Speak to a professional construction expert, who can keep you up-to-date with the latest building codes and standards in the industry.


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