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Is it Worth it to Purchase a Ground Power Unit?

Summary: Ground power units are versatile tools that are worth the investment.

Many aviation enthusiasts have all the basic maintenance tools on hand like wrenches and a trusty tool box. However, if you’re looking to perform tasks on your own without having to have a mechanic take a look at your plane every week, it’s recommended that you purchase one of the most important tools that you can have in your arsenal – a ground power unit.

What’s So Important About a GPU?

Ground power units are designed to supply power to your aircraft without you having to rely on your onboard auxiliary power unit. So, when you’re parked and need to activate the dashboard and perform routine maintenance, you can easily hook up a GPU to your plane and proceed to take on any mechanical tasks.

They’re an important part of any maintenance technician’s arsenal and can give you a bit more flexibility than you might think.

What Type of GPU is Worth the Money?

There is not right type of ground power unit as each type of GPU offers something different in terms of voltage and mechanical settings. You’ll obviously want to start by matching the voltage to the type in your plane. Supplying too little or too much voltage can damage the internal circuitry of the plane, which will likely cost you thousands to repair. Be sure to check what’s compatible with your model before purchasing the first unit you see. GPU suppliers recommends to speak with a professional beforehand that can recommend a unit that will supply the right amount of power for your plane.

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