A Few Rent A Car Pros And Cons

While renting a car can be quite convenient to get around in a foreign country, there are some upsides and downsides. Some things are simply a matter of preference, such as whether or not to prepay for your gas, but there are a few things that are decidedly one or the other.


One plus side to renting a car is that you can arrange to have it waiting for you when you arrive by booking ahead, so you could hire a car in Amman Airport and not have to give it another thought.

Also, if you use a company like Monte Carlo Rent A Car they can even provide a driver for you if you don’t want the bother of driving yourself around or are afraid of getting lost on unfamiliar streets.

If you have a toddler and need a car seat for them, then you can often ask for one to be in the car for you, and don’t forget that a GPS system is almost always included!


A downside can come if you have only the minimum amount of insurance. It is possible that rented cars are not covered which can obviously be a problem if you get into an accident.

You should always give your rented car a thorough going over when you first get it since if you miss seeing existing damage then the company will naturally assume that it happened while you had it and will charge you accordingly.

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