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Creating a Virtual Office in the USA

Companies like the Chinese shopping giant Ali Babba often have a difficult time moving products into the US. They may cater to individuals in their home nation who want to buy American products, but that presents even further difficulties. With a remailing service, businesses can continue to send their packages and correspondence to clients outside of the US by creating a virtual office. Here is a list of requirements to do so.


A normal mail forwarding service receives the package and forwards it to a new address. A US mailing address is required in situations like these, especially if the product is sold within the United States. These services act like a proxy. They receive and temporarily house the package, review the customer’s information, then deliver the package to its intended destination. Individuals use this service frequently for vacations, but businesses outside the US must utilize this kind of setup just to deliver goods to the customer.

Online Components

Your mail service may or may not come with an online component. This virtual office setup allows you to identify packages you wish to receive or reject, then process them with just a few clicks. Some services also include order fulfillment and inventory tracking, so businesses can provide their clientele with tracking information on the packages they receive. The service even allows vendors to order packages from within the United States, useful for retail outlets with a certain demand.

Accepting Customer Orders

Once the order is accepted, the mail forwarding service takes care of the rest of the work. The package is sent to the service, which has a US-based address, then it is sent to its final destination. This technique also delivers magazine subscriptions. Customers can delay shipping too, which is important for those on vacation or away on business. In some cases, customer invoices can be scanned and delivered electronically for priority review.

Final Thoughts

Hosting a virtual office isn’t something everyone will need, but it’s helpful for those based outside of the USA. These services can manage all of a business’ correspondence, from packages to faxes, and usually at the touch of a button. If you plan to start a drop shipping business that sells American products, mail forwarding is worth looking into for those who intend on selling outside the country.


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