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Food Perception and Packaging

Looking at any food establishment, you’re going to notice quite a lot of things, maybe a coffee machine there, a refrigerator in one corner, the cashier in another. What you don’t see is the back of the room where the kitchen is, where the chefs are and where the supplies are. This is where the actual operations happen. The quality of chefs you have and the quality of the various supplies in your inventory will directly affect how well the food you serve tastes like, so always be careful in choosing who you hire, but more importantly, where you get your supplies, it may possibly be the difference between success and failure.

Looking at ice cream parlours, for example, you’re going to notice a few differences with a normal restaurant, it usually serves their food in glasses, cones, or gelato cups and spoons, and these often have the stores own logo on it. Not having the logo on it, or having inferior quality cones and glasses would usually lead one to assume that there is a substandard quality in that particular establishment. Simple ice cream shop supplies have that effect on people as the perceived value of any consumable item is largely based on the external packaging of the item, thus a generic looking ice cream serving will only be perceived as something to cut corners, leading the consumer to believe that there are other areas that the establishment cut corners on.  Always be careful with what you give the customer.

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