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How to Bridge the Gap Between Law and Business

Seeking to bridge the industry divide between business and law, one can take their litigation experience and break into the business world with the right tools. These tips will help provide you with the assortment of skills you’ll need to embrace the versatile nature of being an attorney.

Taking the “Startup” Road

One of the best places to break into a business role is within a startup. While it not be as easy or glamorous as it sounds, it provides an outstanding opportunity to roll up your sleeves and get to work – similar in the way that famed attorney Barry K. Rothman works within the industry. Show off your commitment and value and also learn a great deal of business skills in the process. Even manning the front desk can prove to be helpful as well.

Be Open-Minded

Now, it’s likely that you’ll be working with people that are far more experienced than you are. But, in order to become someone that’s looking to make an impact within the world of business, you’ll have to be open minded to all ideas. Simply listening to the sales team or even other colleagues can provide you with the right details you need to fix contracts and other issues. It tends to make everyone’s lives easier. Simply look at Barry K. Rothman reviews online and you’ll see why people trust him with their cases.

Just because someone simply has more credentials than you do, doesn’t exactly put you at a disadvantage per say. Rather, evaluating lawyers involves looking at them on multiple dimensions, similar in the way that people do with other business professionals. Competition may be fierce but you should always have confidence in your skills.

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