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How to Sharpen Rotary Blades

Keeping a healthy golf course starts with the equipment. There’s nothing worse for the health and appearance of your turf than using dull cutting edges. Dull reel blades and bedknives can not only ruin the turf, but also compromise the quality of your Fairway mower.

Before you head out with your mower, make sure to check the blades. If the blade is bent or worn out, consider purchasing a new one. However, if you believe they are dull, follow these tips on how to sharpen your rotary blades.

Sharpen the top surface only. When sharpening the rotary blades, you want to keep the angle of the original tool. Avoid grinding the bottom surface of the blade. Instead, sharpen the top surface only to avoid a chisel shape. Improperly sharpening the blade can destroy the tool, causing problems while on the field.

Check the balance. Once you have sharpened the blade, it’s important to check the balance using a blade balancer tool. You know that the balance is accurate when the blade remains in horizontal position on the tool. You will know that the blade is not balance when it settles to the heavy side of the tool. To balance an unbalanced blade, grind metal from the heavy end of the balance.

Properly install the blade. Before you can install the blade, make sure to tighten the blade retaining bold. Tightening this bolt will ensure that it doesn’t loosen while on the field. To ensure proper tightening, use a torque wrench.

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