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Expert Witness Testimony in a Construction Dispute

When you’re facing a construction dispute, a structural steel expert can provide a great deal of testimony that can help you prove your case. That’s because an expert witness can serve the important duty of breaking down concepts the jury or judge wouldn’t normally understand.

There is a good chance the judge won’t understand how to test structural steel, or be able to tell materials apart with any kind of technical expertise. Without an expert witness breaking these concepts down, it would be impossible to communicate these ideas to the arbitrators and judges that need to know them.

Compensation for an Expert

What do you pay someone for that expertise, and exactly what are you paying for? Experts typically charge based on the time they spend attempting to learn more about your case. That could include reviewing documents you’ve provided or the effort it took to obtain those records. You’re also paying for current and reliable data about your market, which might not come in handy in the courtroom but still helps with your case.

Some experts are also gainfully employed, so payment might be required in exchange for the time it takes to appear in court.

If you hired a steel fabrication expert, that person should be able to provide details on the samples you’ve provided and be able to speak in court. Understanding what deliverables you can expect for your money will make it easier to justify paying out an expert witness. Experts aren’t a requirement, but they can be very helpful.

Bio: Lyle Charles is a consultant with more than 40 years of construction & turnaround service experience, including arena and commercial construction projects. For construction & turnaround services, contact Lyle Charles.

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