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Foam Cushions Make Outdoor Seating Comfortable and Elegant

Foam was originally used in the early 20th century. Scientists were impressed by the water proof rubber products that the Mayans had used. After much research, foam rubber was born. This man-made product was produced by treating natural rubber with chemicals.

Today is very common to find many household items made of foam. Also, foam can be used as sound barriers. The Foam Factory has many shapes and sizes of sound barriers that can be used in commercial or residential spaces. The company also provides a lot of information about many other foam products on its website.

Foam also revolutionized the way homes are insulated. Although spray foam was manufactured in the early forties, the actual use of foam for home insulation did not happen until early fifties. In the eighties when people were so concerned about energy conservation, foam insulation became a very popular.

Foam is also used in outdoor products. That’s why it is heavily used by the sports and recreation industry. Foam is an ideal material for manufacturing surf boards and boat cushions because of its water proof quality. Open cell foam is the kind used in outdoor products, because it dries quickly and avoids mould built up. Foam is also light-weight and flexible. Many water related sports have benefited from these qualities in foam. It is considered the best material for outdoor products. Whether it is soft or hard, foam works very well in wet or damp environments.

Some people own campers for recreation purposes. The sales of these vehicles have increased more than 14% in recent months. These vehicles are a great way to explore remote areas while enjoying the comfort of home. Well used recreational vehicles get many wears and tears. The seating can get ruined easily because they are a commonly used item. Also, some owners like to decorate inside the vehicles to make it look like a real living room. Giving camper cushions a new look is a good way to make that cozy look. The cushions can be custom made according to a specific theme.

The flexibility of foam has made it a good material for many custom products, especially when foam products that are in the market don’t fit for customers’ needs. Customers can make things by buying flat sheets of foam. For instance, if a customer wants to make a custom cushion, the best way to do it is buying a flat sheet of foam and making the shape they need. This is also an ideal way to replace a ruined cushion, without buying a whole set.

If custom cushions, boat cushions and camper cushions, all can be bought at one-stop-shop, it is a time saver. The Foam Factory has all these items and it is a great way to shop.
Guest Post provided by The Foam Factory, which markets many foam products. When making a custom cushion, it is the best place to find the right kind of foam material.

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