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How to make a profit in the ice cream business

With so many ice cream vendors in the market, ice cream businesses need to make sure they hold and increase their market share. To make profits in this competitive industry the key is to structure your ice cream business so that it stands out from the competition. Here are some tips on how to make a profit in the ice cream business

Pick your spots- Your ice cream store should be near areas that have lots of foot traffic. You could also look at areas adjoining restaurant districts.

Price appropriately – It is important to know what your customers are willing to spend. For example, if you’re targeting an urban professional, you could charge more for your ice creams, or have different gourmet flavors for that target market.

Space for your place – You will not need a large space as most customers will eat on the go. However, a good clean kitchen space is a must to make your flavors.

Secure supplies – It is best to lock in prices with suppliers for staples like milk, cream, vanilla and cocoa as this will help to maintain your profits. You could also look into buying items like frozen yogurts paper cups, spoons etc. in bulk.

Stand out – Try not to compete with low price ice creams and cold treats, instead offer unique flavors that will establish a name for your store. You could also try using natural products with no artificial flavors/colors or you could buy only local products from suppliers and farmers in the area.

Serving suggestions – Include your brand name and logo by creating your very own custom yogurt cups and spoons.

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