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Construction claims management advisors

Written by Lyle Charles

Many factors need to work together for a construction project to be successful. Experienced contractors that have knowledge in construction claims management will be able to identify problems early and resolve them with the least amount of disruptions. This is why most construction projects seek out the assistance of construction claim management experts that are aware of the critical components of the project and those that are focused on cost-effective project management.

One of the main areas that are address by construction advisors is construction claim preparation. This is mainly because disputes can cost money and divert critical resources. If a project mitigates its risks, they will be able to manage claims successfully to optimize claim outcomes. Here are some areas that are addressed by construction claims personnel.

Investigation and evaluation

Plan formulation

Identification, allocation, and management of resources

Periodic reassessment and resolution.

It is vital when hiring an advisor to look into the knowledge and experience that they possess. The advisor should also be selected by looking at their communication skills and if their skills match that of the company. Therefore it is best to have a clear understanding of the advisor’s job description, before looking at avenues for hire. Most often such key personnel should be hired through reputed companies that offer conduction management services.


Lyle Charles Consulting is a construction claims expert that offers construction mediation services for commercial construction projects across the United States.

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