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How to Store Emergency Cash

In a world of electronic commerce, it may seem quaint to have a stash of paper currency in your home. But having some quickly accessible money could be a lifesaver if you are unable to withdraw cash from your bank account for some reason. The first step is to keep your stash a secret. There’s no reason to tell anyone other than trustworthy members of your household. If you let the word get around, the wrong type of person will inevitably find out and be tempted to break into your house.

Wise homeowners have always used safes to protect their emergency cash. Contrary to what you see in the movies, criminals do not have an easy time breaking into a safe. Manufacturers use the strongest metals in constructing their safes, making it extremely cumbersome and time-consuming to open them with brute force. The locking mechanisms are also quite sophisticated. Digital keypads offer unparalleled security, and fingerprint locks are increasingly common.

AMSEC is a manufacturer that has built a solid reputation over the years. While many AMSEC safes are cabinet-sized units designed for firearms and other voluminous valuables, they also offer smaller safes that can accommodate your emergency cash. These safes typically come with hardware for bolting the safe to the wall or floor.

Always look into the rating of a safe before purchasing it. Safes are rated by the length of time that they can resist opening with basic tools. For instance, TL 30 safes are equipped to resist tool-assisted opening for 30 minutes. Think about your desired security level, budget, and amount of emergency cash you would like to store, and you’re sure to find a safe on the market that meets your needs.
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