Divorce and Alimony: Basic Facts

If you’re considering a divorce and live in California, here are some key facts you need to know about the process of divorce and determination of alimony. However, because every situation is different, you should consult a family lawyer in Long Beach, CA to help you fully understand your legal rights and obligations.

In California, alimony is known as spousal support, and refers to a court order for one spouse to pay the other a certain amount each month in the event of a divorce. A temporary order for support can be placed into effect while the divorce case is pending, while a permanent order goes into effect when the dissolution of the marriage is final. You should retain the services of divorce lawyers in Long Beach, CA  in order to be sure you have someone in your corner, defending your rights. If you have children, there may be a lot more at stake than just the alimony.

The exact formula for calculating the amount and length of support varies by county, so a divorce attorney in Long Beach, CA can help you determine how much you may owe or receive. The judge will take into account the length of marriage, the standard of living enjoyed during the marriage, each partner’s income and earning capacity, whether one partner is caring for children and does not work, both partner’s age and health, debts and property, incidents of domestic violence, and the tax impact of spousal support on both parties.

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