Dr. Amidi Reveals Two Qualities that will Foster Beginner’s Luck

Written by Heather Richards

It happens all the time: a beginner does something extraordinarily better than a person who has been doing the same thing for many years. It is called beginner’s luck, and appropriately named because there’s often no other explanation for this type of phenomenon. However, some people, including quantum physicist Dr. Eric Amidi, believe that there is in fact a scientific reason for beginner’s luck. What’s more, they believe that you can recreate it.

According to writings by Dr. Eric Amidi, there are two main reasons people experience beginner’s luck. If you want to foster the blessings of beginner’s luck in your life, you will need to learn these two qualities and then start applying them in your life in order to achieve the goals you want. Here’s a look at the two qualities that will foster beginner’s luck:

Let Go

According to Eric Amidi, the first reason most people experience beginner’s luck is because they are “completely detached.” Unlike someone who has been focusing on a certain activity or sport for many years, a beginner doesn’t have the same attachments or fears. In the words of Eric Amidi, “they have nothing to lose.” He likens this state of mind to the ability of letting go, a concept he often writes about in his blog posts. So how does one “let go”? In order to recreate this quality, it’s important to see the goal as a want and not a need. Don’t be desperate about it.

Open to Opportunities

In addition to detaching from the outcome, there’s another reason most people experience beginner’s luck. According to Dr. Amidi, the second quality that is required to foster beginner’s luck is to be “open to opportunities.” He explains that most beginners are eager and open-minded about new experiences because they don’t have a history to compare the experience to. They don’t have a history of bad experiences or an idea of something they don’t want. Instead, they are completely open and ready to accept anything that comes their way. They don’t know how impossible it might be to hit a home run, and so they go for it. As a result, Dr. Amidi suggests that if we are open to all possibilities we have a better chance of experiencing the best possible outcome.

Practice Makes Perfect

Whether you’re an athlete, a stay-at-home parent, or a corporate professional, you can foster beginner’s luck in your life by practicing the two qualities mentioned above. Instead of worrying about the outcome or feeling anxious, let go. Detach yourself and be open to all possibilities. Of course, it’s easier said than done. That’s why it takes practice.


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