Qualities of a strong expert witness

Written by Lyle Charles

The right expert witness can help your construction case and ensure you reach a favorable outcome. Here are some qualities that you should be looking for in a construction expert witness.

Active experience – Construction expert witness that are actively practicing in front of a jury will have first-hand experience on how to testify and be able to persuade a jury.

Education – Speaking on recent developments and publications will strengthen your expert witness’s credibility and create trust with the jury.

Teaching experience – Experts who teach will have a stronger ability to explain in clear, concise terms, allowing the jury to grasp the material.

Presentation – The expert’s appearance and demeanor are also important to strengthen his/her credibility. It is important that the jury finds the expert sincere and open, making it easier for the jury to listen to what he/she has to say. If the jury has a negative opinion of the expert, they may disregard his/her testimony. Therefore, it is vital that the expert witness is likable while presenting his/her testimony.

If you need the help from a construction expert witness for your construction litigation needs, contact a reputed construction advisory services firm. Such firms will be able to shortlist expert witnesses who have the expertise and the skills to assist with your case.


Lyle Charles is a certified expert witness for the construction industry, specializing in both commercial and residential projects. If you need a steel fabrication expert, he will get you the best.

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