The Basics of Construction Project Management

Construction project management ties together many facets of a construction project.

A project manager for construction projects has a complicated job to balance. He or she must review all plans for the project, and devise a workable method to complete the structure within a certain dead line. This means a project manager must remain fully aware of all aspects of the project, from ordering supplies to what personnel are doing on the ground. Here are some of the basic elements involved with construction project management.


A project manager works with construction consultants, the building owner and everyone else with a stake in the project to find suppliers who can offer the materials needed within the time frame. Supplies must be up to a certain standard, especially as it applies to steel, because they represent a safety hazard if they do not.


Another aspect of management is planning the deadlines for a project, and assigning personnel accordingly. Project managers should keep an eye on the ground work force, and be prepared for changes when it comes to crunch time. Managers often find themselves in need of extra workers to fill shortages when it comes to the final days before a deadline.

Other Aspects

The project manager has a lot to handle, and must maintain contact with the building owner and stakeholders. Often construction advisory services are useful in managing these aspects. Consultants can provide some insight into certain challenges managers will face, and may have some ideas on methods to improve efficiency on the ground.


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