Save Money on Construction Claims and Improve the Return on Commercial Investments

When you’re situated in a highly competitive area for commercial construction projects, such as the Cayman Islands or New York City, you need every possible amenity to help sell your building to potential buyers. That might mean retro-fitting the building to make it earthquake or weather proof, or investing in renewable energy for the entire building.

These improvements can be costly if you don’t have a qualified construction claims consultant helping you to navigate all of the potential

Material Claims

There are basically two types of claims when you’re dealing with materials. The first is when the supplier provides something that is of a significant variation in quality to what was requested. This often occurs as a result of material shortages coupled with strict deadlines.

The second claim arises when there is a delay in delivery, especially with steel. These problems hold up the construction of the building, as they can literally halt the erection process. Often, these are due to material shortages but they can also be a product of poor access to a jobsite.

How to Avoid Costly Legal Fees

First, you’ll want a licensed advisor to perform construction claims analysis and get your paperwork in order to successfully defend yourself against the claims made against you. Next, you might consider mediation. Mediation allows you to air your grievances and usually leaves both parties feeling satisfied after a dispute.

Legal fees and downtime are what hurt the most. Claims are costly, but usually not as pricey if they are resolved quickly rather than delayed for long periods of time. Delayed claims tend to result in less work getting done, which could throw off the entire project schedule.

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