Top Qualities to Look for in a Temporary Manager

Interim short term management services are an effective solution for the gap that’s left when a lay off or a change in management occurs. When it comes to searching for a temporary manager, you’re going to want to make sure that you find an effective replacement for the time being. Here are some qualities that you’ll want to find when interviewing candidates.

Effective Management

A quality manager should assume full day-to-day operations and understand his or her role in the company. They should also evaluate present daily operations and maintain a strong sense of organization. Their ability to write procedures and policies should be one of their strengths as documents that are handed out to clients and the staff should be easily understandable and informative. If a claim were to arise, they should be able to handle litigation or private mediation in a way where a mutually beneficial decision would be made.

Leadership Skills

The ability to lead is not one that can be taught in a short period of time. Your temporary manager should be able to lead a team with ease as well as provide direction under duress with little to no issue. Additionally, they will be tasked with recruiting and interviewing new candidates for a company. An eye for talent and hard work should be a natural trait for your manager as well.

Financially Responsible

Your temporary manager needs to be able to improve revenue cycle performance and manage funds in an effective fashion to improve the company’s ROI. He or she must also serve as a liaison between financial staffs and business staffs. Although the full responsibility of funds won’t be allocated to your temporary manager, they should also be aware that they will have to make important decisions that deal with large amounts of money.

Bio: Lyle Charles is a seasoned executive, business coach and mediator. His firm, Lyle Charles Consulting is a respected firm that served thousands of satisfied clients.

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